New York friends, take note. I highly recommend her!

“…Charlotte was my college voice teacher. I continue to use her techniques- both for myself and with my patients. New York friends, take note. I highly recommend her! Beautiful gracious soul, too! … ”

Singing Voice Qualified Speech/Voice Pathologist
at Bastian Voice Institute

I hope you repeat the class again next summer

“Since Friday I’ve been meaning to write you to say how much Lynne and I enjoyed your musical theater class this summer. It was extremely interesting, lots of fun, and we even got the opportunity to practice performing for our class mates and anyone who would dare to listen. (smile) I hope you repeat the class again next summer.”

Maria Rios, student

I Have Learned So Much!

“Thank you so much for everything this year! I have learned so much just in our weekly lessons about my voice and I have so much more confidence in general because of them!”

Sara Biggs
Student, Marymount Manhattan College

I Booked the Job!

“When faced with an incredibly daunting audition, Charlotte helped me find the confidence beyond what I thought I was capable. And, hey, I booked the job!”

Shaleah Adkisson
Joanne in Rent, Off-Broadway Revival
Tribe Member in Hair, Broadway Revival

Helps Me Prepare for Auditions

“Charlotte is a teacher in the truest form of the word. She has helped me to discover my authentic voice. From the moment we met, I felt comfortable with Charlotte. Singing is such a personal thing and Charlotte truly treats it as such. I always feel that she is listening to me with an acute attention to who I am and what I need. When you’re working on a piece of music with her, it’s not just about the notes on the page. She encourages you to question, ‘Why is this character singing like this in this moment?’ As an actress, I am so grateful to have a coach who not only teaches me about music, but also delves into the psychology of a song with me. She has an amazing ability to crack open a musical phrase and help me find my way into the heart of a character. Together, Charlotte and I search to find those perfect songs to expand my repertoire. She helps me prepare for auditions, so that when I walk into an audition room, I feel ready and excited. Charlotte has taught me about music theory and vocal health. She has made me a more confident singer and actress. Most of all, I love working with Charlotte because she is a fun and lovely person. Under her guidance, I have learned so much about my body, my voice and myself – I am forever grateful!”

Rebecca Schoffer

A Superb Job

“I just wanted to take the opportunity to thank you and congratulate you on a superb job this morning at Grand Rounds. You made the Music School proud! I love the fact that you have the ability to speak clinically about music and at the same time, bring humanity and beauty to our art form! When I’ve spoken to a few of my Lighthouse colleagues, they have exclaimed about your knowledge and presentation. Thank you and know how valued you are.”

 Dr. Leslie Jones
Director, The Filomen M. D’Agostino Greenberg Music School
at Lighthouse International


“Bravo and many thanks for your work with the Vocal Ensemble last evening. First, the students really enjoyed your exercises, your explanations, your demonstrations; they finished wanting to know more. Secondly, they could hear, as could Dalia and I, the immediate results in tone quality of the whole group. Thirdly, it was nice to see you work in your specialty—your positive energy, knowledge, passion—all came through so very clearly.”

Dr. Leslie Jones
Director, The Filomen M. D’Agostino Greenberg Music School
at Lighthouse International

Secret Weapon

“Charlotte is my secret weapon! Her honesty and support have given me a better understanding and awareness of my vocal habits, as well as the confidence needed to pursue my goals as a musical theatre performer and vocal musician.

The techniques she has introduced to me continue to keep my instrument healthy and free of tension. Since I began studying with her, my voice has achieved an increased range and better flexibility. Charlotte thoroughly enjoys what she does; she wants her students to succeed and sound their best!”

Amy Polumbo
Little Mermaid, Disney World

Dedicated and Knowledgeable

“Charlotte Surkin is one of the nicest, warmest, most charming and down to earth people one could ever hope to meet. She is a wonderful performer and a dedicated and knowledgeable voice teacher. Charlotte is one of The New York Singing Teacher’s Distinguished Voice Professionals, having completed the five-course curriculum of anatomy, acoustics, vocal health, repertoire and pedagogy. Her quest for knowledge is on going and her creativity is evident in the interesting and entertaining concerts and CD’s she has performed and produced. I am blessed to have Charlotte as my friend and colleague.”

Janet Pranschke
Past President, The New York Singing Teachers’ Association
Director, NYSTA’s Professional Development Program

Extraordinary Intuitive Powers

“Charlotte Surkin is one of those rare singers and teachers who values the ongoing process of both being a teacher and a student. She uses her extraordinary intuitive powers and acquired scientific knowledge to help each student find their way in this very subjective field of singing, and she does this with kindness and generosity.”

Josephine Mongiardo
President, New York Singing Teachers Association (NYSTA)