A master teacher

“It has been my privilege to know and to teach alongside of Charlotte Surkin in an association that spans two decades. She is a master teacher in the field with a broad base of knowledge and an innate ability to free the instrument and then help to refine it. A true professional and a compassionate and engaging human being.”

Bill Daugherty

A vital part of my development as a performer

“Charlotte has been such a vital part of my development as a performer and a person. Charlotte is very knowledgeable about the body and I always feel confident that she is guiding me towards producing a safe, healthy sound. My range and vocal quality has improved so much over the past 5+ years of working with Charlotte. She’s always extremely supportive of me, not just when it comes to my performance, but also professionally and personally. I could not recommend her enough!”

Jillian Raquet
Assistant Director Class Act New York

I booked the job!

“When faced with an incredibly daunting audition, Charlotte helped me find the confidence beyond what I thought I was capable. And, hey, I booked the job!”

Shaleah Adkisson
Joanne in Rent, Off-Broadway Revival / Tribe Member in Hair, Broadway Revival

Extraordinary intuitive powers and knowledge

“Charlotte Surkin is one of those rare singers and teachers who values the ongoing process of both being a teacher and a student. She uses her extraordinary intuitive powers and acquired scientific knowledge to help each student find their way in this very subjective field of singing, and she does this with kindness and generosity.”

Josephine Mongiardo
Past President, New York Singing Teachers Association (NYSTA)