Voice Lessons

Charlotte Surkin TeachingMy Teaching Philosophy

For all of my students, I believe in a free sound, which starts with correct body alignment through the Alexander Technique and incorporating the McClosky and Linklater relaxation exercises.

For my contemporary commercial singers, actors and dancers, I teach all of the various styles from legit, to mix to a healthy belt which must be used to gain employment as a Broadway performer.

For my classical singers, the Italian Chiaroscuro (clear/ dark) balance of sound is taught through a poised larynx; a greater feeling of back space with a frontal resonance all with a free sound.

For your Lesson:

I play piano.
Accompaniments will be provided with or without the vocal line; plus 16 bar cuts.
Information from the lesson (i.e. vocalizes and songs) will be sent to you via Google Docs. Any questions or comments about the lesson should be sent back to me using the same doc from that lesson. Please use a mirror when practicing. Have a keyboard and forScore APP where you can put all of your music.

For on-line lessons, I encourage you to have a microphone (I use the Blue Yeti); and an ethernet cable for stabilizing the image. It makes a huge difference.