A safe and exciting learning space for artists

“I spent 4 years studying voice under Charlotte during my time at Marymount Manhattan College. Upon commencing my vocal journey, I distinctly remember feeling uncomfortable healthily belting anything above an E4. By the end of year 3 with Charlotte, I had not only grown my belt, but I also developed a healthy pop/rock mix up to an E5. I owe so much of that growth to Charlotte. She succeeds in creating a safe and exciting learning space for artists and I never left my lessons feeling defeated – but rather, ignited. I still utilize the vocal warm ups she taught me and they never cease to amaze me. I particularly value her innate ability to communicate the reasons behind her vocal building warm-ups, as it’s so important for artists to understand why and how their voice works. Her patience, consummate professionalism, and genuine care for the artists in her studio truly set her above the rest. She gave me the tools and knowledge I needed to succeed as a professional in the industry and for that, I am eternally grateful!”  

Robbie Torres
AEA Actor, Composer, Vocal Coach